Sunday, 12 October 2014

A little Cash...

Song for a wet, rain filled day.


Man...seems like I was gone a day...or a very  long time...all depends on who is telling the story, and what the story is even about. I'm still cleaning out stuff from the motorhome and making some small futsy repairs. I found an inside speaker had fallen right off it's assembly and am about driven nuts, trying to get it back on. Small teeeny tiny working space, BIG magnet on the speaker back that grabs the screws and driver. I just know that I have a battery charger in there somewhere but do you think I can find it....? Nope.

The heated floors and new fireplace all work really well. It is different tho...with a forced air, you get that heat thing happening. With heated floors, kinda sneaks up on you. 

So..the guy that did so much of the work here...the 'installer'...left just before completion, if you'll recall. And hasn't been back since. He's around..people see his truck..but we owe him money and unless he drops by to get left a tile saw, table saw and a Makita skill the the rain.

Why would anyone do this? I'll store it under shelter if this rain ever lets up and I can get the stuff dried.

While we were off with Ron and Anne...Anne has a store in Anacortes that has some pretty cool stuff, and of course, Sharon has to participate as much as she can. Peepers..a company that sells off the web reading glasses that they can put in those bi-focal glass bits. in 15 or 20 a pair. I do believe that there are now 8? pairs around here.

A drug test proving the dangers of consuming certain types.

And here we have Canadian Thanksgiving weekend....Sharon flew down to Vancouver, to be with her brother for some surgery Tuesday, it's pouring frikken rain and and any suggestion that I might take off to Hyder or anyplace is pretty much shot. Damn.

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