Monday, 6 October 2014

been told...'come home'....NOW

Been a hell of a good two months on the road. I am on my way home via the Fraser Canyon, Sunday afternoon. Learned some things I hadn't really counted on learning, ate some great food..saw some outrageously beautiful country. My God but Montana and Wyoming have got some pretty places. I'd live in Ennis, Wyoming, if I could. Get a job at the distillery, too. I am going to have to get back to a couple places..maybe next year..not Yellowstone tho..holy crap, that place was way to busy for me.

 Murray Falls, Spences Bridge.

I overnighted in Cache interesting pimple on the going at 6am, stopped in 100 Mile House to make into Prince George at noon:30...did a fast Costco run and met up with Cal and Shellie for a dEElux Costco weenie...and booted. Got as far as Burns Lake before I peetered out.

100 Mile House

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