Saturday, 20 September 2014

Boot Scootin Boogey in Cody, Wyoming and a glitch

Here we is...September 19th for the street party...Boot Scootin Boogey Some outfit is producing a might fine small batch sippin Bourbon and they were offering up free sips...oh yeah, that was good. 

Cowboy, there are more than a few expensive ones to be seen. These are maybe the top of the food chain. These would all run in the $4-5000 dollar range. the story goes, were made for Gene Autry's wife. Who didn't like them after they were made. They can be bought by any discerning lady for $100,000. Yup...100,000 bucks.

These were awarded People Choice in this years competition and are fore sale...$15,000.

This is the designer and builder...

Obligatory car show on Main Street...nothing really wild to be seen

Traveling buds...Ron and Anne Smith from Anacortes

Grampa and his gran-daughter, checkin out new cars

and food to be had....another helping of Rocky Mountain Oysters..and these made the first batch back in Choteau pale in comparison.

Just look at this pile of ribs...sheeeeit...

A couple months ago I became aware of an Atwood two-stage furnace. The Excalibur line. Would pump heat to the desired setting, then would scale back both the fan + the heat, to maintain a nice even temp. I talked to Atwood..and to a major distribution house, Stag, and got all the numbers and info. One of the needed bits and pieces...the 'kit'..was the digital thermostat, made for these furnaces. I then contacted an outfit in Cody and talked to the owner/sales/mgr/technician..
Marty. Gave him all the info and made a plan..he would order the stuff, I would pay 1/2 then/there. Talked a couple times just to ensure all was as it should be. Was. Today was install day and there it sat in it's box...and installed quick as you'd like...same hole, same wires, just a bit different wiring harness. go. wiring checks and all...over and over....look at board and do a power comes on but no furnace stuff. I am standing watching.  I do not like it when people start telling me what I have done wrong..just leave me the fuk alone, I know what I am doing and after all, I am male,, I finally mention the merest, slightest possibility in my untrained eyes...should you be using the digital thermostat and not the old type from the other furnace? What digital thermostat? The one that came as the 'kit'. What kit? The one I told you about when I talked to you..that you had to get the 'kit' too.

Spent an hour trying to locate one close to Cody...nope.

Looking at at him....and finally I said...take it out and put in the original. This one won't work and I need heat...right?


Took 45 minutes and mad? ohhh man...mad, so angry. Gave me cc refund..and was just stabbing the buttons on the cc machine. I offered to pay something...told me to just leave...had fucked up his whole day.

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