Thursday, 1 May 2014

To Vancouver for a party

Was out and was able to get a couple good eagle pix with the new lens.

 Just nothing like Girl Guide cookie time....

And so..renovations....we have lift-off, sorta. The skylight got installed. Just look at the size of this thing.

 But check this piece of craftsmanship out....what right thinking dickhead would do this? The guy knew my height..we had met....

We have a work-around....either this is going to get corrected or we'll get a custom pipe and make it look like it was meant to go UP.

We are to Vancouver for Ellie's 4th birthday. Holy on earth did THAT happen, eh

 So, we are in a sushi place in Terrace and see the cutest damned things...coloured chopsticks for kids...and in a rubber bear holder thingie.                                       (this is not Ellie...)

 And she decides to chop her hair....

From this....

...anyway, smoking up some fish and ribs to take with us.

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