Monday, 5 May 2014

And such a party it was

And getting there was half the fun.First we had to do some shopping and visiting. Did that in Bellingham, lunching at the Boundary Bay craft beer joint. Then 
up with the pals from Anacortes for supper at Anthony's on the Bay.

I had posted this pic on my sort of looks like a real one, right?

I don't know if I fooled anyone but I had a chuckle...then posted the actual. These are at Home Sense...a store that gets lots of cool shit.

Man these two can saw logs.

And then Ellie's fourth Birthday bash.....Morgan, her mom/my daughter brought in The Critter Guy. He has literally hundreds of critters..his term..then person whose party it is gets a list of things to choose, rabbits, parrot, lizards. I think that they get to choose 20.

Then the person whose party it this case Ellie gets to sit right beside John. Then after each animal is brought out and talked about, john would smile...and this would be Ellie's smile...she HATES being told to do that. And she doesn't like strangers telling her what to do, either.

All the animals were cutsie...but a parrot that played dead was all crowd favorite.

Smile Ellie.....

more smiles

Little brother Lochlan and mom have to horn in on the action

It's MY party bitch...back off....

Cake? Did someone says...cake?

Ellie on the subject of her birthday:

Ellie: Soooo....I'm still 3 right?
M: Nope. Your birthday was you are 4.
E: But my arms are the same...and my legs are the same...and my tummy hasn't changed. Why am I four now, I'm not any bigger?
M: Well....people grow slowly every day of the year, but we celebrate all of that growth on the day you were born.
E: But I haven't grown.
M: You've grown a lot since you turned 3.
E: But I was 3 yesterday, and my arms are still the same.
M: Ahhhh...yes. But you turned 3 a year ago...and spent a whole year being 3, and grew for a year, and on the day you were born...we have a party. And then you're considered one year older.
E: Why do we have a party?
M: Ummmm....I'm not sure. It's just something people do. It's kind of a day just for you, and a way to mark time and age so we know how old people are.
E: Why?
M: Honestly? Not sure. Because being born is a big deal...and every year after that it's nice to remember that day? And it's nice to have a day to have a party for you, and a day to have a party for Loch.
E: And for you?
M: And for me...but my birthday is not for a while
E: When? The next day? (her phrase for any day in the future)
M: Not until summer time.
E: And you will be 6?
M: Uhhhhh....No. Considerably older.
E: Why?
M: Because I was born a long time ago.
E: Like dinosaurs?
M: It feels like that sometimes.

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