Sunday, 25 May 2014

I need Mike Holmes

When one is having renovations must pack up their shit...move their shit round....and discover all kinds of shit...and moving drawers from out of one place to another, one filled with candles. It weighed...ohh..maybe 60? lbs.  Sharon..are you freakin kidding me? The good news is that that drawer will not fit from whence it came...was a floor level drawer in a closet. A floor that is now too high to allow the drawers to fit in. aaaaaahhhhhhhh...what a shame.

I had no idea how this worked, but here we have the installer, Doug, laying out the 'grid' of Nu-Heat floor heating.

Some of the new engineered flooring.

And then everything just comes to a halt because the installer guy doesn't show up and the guy that is to hang the seven new doors...why he's in Prince George buying a motorcycle...(8 hours away).  fukfukfukfuk

On the bright side...we have a guy to do the mudding in the bathroom, as soon as the missing installer finishes of a bit of dry-walling. Same guy doing the mudding will also paint the interior of the house.

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