Monday, 17 March 2014

Closing the door in Tecopa

A sign in someones private drive in Tecopa  

wow wowow wowo.....a very cool Tecopa car

You know..if a person liked the desert, being buried here in the Tecopa cemetery has a certain..attraction? to it.

Full moon at Tecopa Hot Springs.....

The morning sunrise in Tecopa...shot in pretty much the same place as the full moon, I'd say...

Then it was away...headed to Slab City today...

Isn't this the prettiest damned train station you have ever seen? Kelso Station and visitor centre in the Mojave Desert Preserve.

I worked here a couple of times while I was with the NPS in the Mojave.,_California

Man..that was a long days drive..left Tecopa at 8 and into the Slabs at 6. Now..I did make a couple stops but that is to be expectedI went down via baker, Amboy, Twenty-Nine Palms and the Joshua National Park, and found myself without time to stop and enjoy the park, other than a few quick shots. I was going to go back into Death Valley to camp with some friends, but that is going to take me at least nine, instead, I want to just meander thru that clay canyon and Joshua..take a bunch of pictures, then turn west at
Yucca Valley and begin the run north. Of must start out with a plan....then..I tend to change it, some.

Coming thru the canyon that empties you right into the Salton Sea, Imperial valley and the city of Mecca...

It is really a startling go from dry clay

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