Sunday, 2 February 2014

Diamond Willow bagged anbd tagged

And success, I hope. My baggage just wasn't even close to the right length for the sticks..what was I even thinking? So..I bagged and tagged and now I hope this will pass whatever requirements at SeaTac and get to Houston intact. There are six Diamond Willow walking/hiking sticks in there, going to be placed, photographed and the GPS co-ordinates noted and posted here and on the Diamond Willow Blog site. I have another maybe 30? with me in the RV for when I head south to Death Valley end of February.

Had to go and get my eyes tested..not 'had' to, but I am going to get some new glasses so figured why not. But still..a certain amount of trepidation. The last time I had my eyes tested there was some 'concern' expressed. I had floaties in my eyes and the doc was not very optimistic about what the long-term was going to be. Really, I had forgotten them because they had gone away, but of course, in conversation with the eye doctor, it falls out of my mouth. A big sigh of relief when says nope...nothing there now. Must have been stress and or fatigue, she said. Oh man...thank-you thank-you. And my prescription hasn't changed much. A small tweek but no big deal. More thank-you's.

Now I am going to try ordering my new glasses from an on-line outfit. I just don'trt know how this is going to work...but..we'll see. I want two will be tinted/sun glasses and the other just your average drop-dead sexy frames. Going to  order from Clearly Contacts. This all comes about because of Sharon's massive shot and boot collection. Gal that is often our server at the new local eatery always has new/classy looking frames. Sharon asks...and SHE says, oh go to Clearly cheap and great this and, here we are. So isn't any cheaper...350 for the order, but maybe just maybe it's a good thing. They weren't able to fill my order for sun glasses...out of the sun glass part..?? what? are you kidding me? It's a tint, isn't it?

Got the RV out of it's winter storage yard on Friday. I am away on Tuesday but I can't de-winterize yet. It's just too cold, so I will go to Vancouver with bottled water. I'll de-winterize when we get back from the south and just before I head to Death Valley. But..the furnace is pumping away, the batteries are all topped up with distilled water and the new bbq is put together and on-board.

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