Friday, 21 February 2014

Canada takes womens' Olyimpic hockey in US.

 We were walking in the French Quarter yesterday and a guy came up from behind...taps me on the shoulder...when I turn he asks if we were Canadian...yes, we are..(I have a flag on my shoulder bag....and he sticks out his hand for a shake...huh? says...' beat us in Women's. 

How cool was that?

And..look..being down in the US we are subject to US news and sports casters material. And right now...they are ripping themselves, their viewers their hockey team's heart out. But..what they just can't bring themselves to say is...all by itself...Canada won. They just plain out and out...won. Without all of the histrionics and bally-ho....

Had the US won...they would have had nothing to say about Canada...but that is just not what happened. So..a guy in the French Quarter....he showed you style. Showed how it's done.

Photo: Kleenex releasing this special edition tomorrow morning - Drex

Hey...there's always next

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