Friday, 17 January 2014

Mississippi and Cajun bayou calls...

How are you with spiders..? 


We are getting all of our travel plans in order. I leave the north on the 4th or 5th of February, heading for Vancouver and Sharon will fly down later. We'll meet up and drive to Seattle for our flight to Houston. Man..finding  a place to stash the RV became a hassle but I 'hope' I have found a place. I could have left in with pal Raye in West Seattle, but it would mean it sitting in an alley for two weeks and that's pretty inviting. I don't mind if I am there, but to be gone....not a great feeling. Anyway, I found an airport no-tel motel that has a fenced compound that'll work. I hope.

With the addition of that huge freakin lens, I need a new camera bag. I 'could' cram it all in to my present one, but it's stretched to the limit and the laptop is  awfully tight, so....went shopping. I like Lowe can in-put your requirements and then you get a selection of bags that would suit your needs.


This a Pro Trekker AW 300....

Front view

So..I figure out what I want and then go shopping. I can buy it here in BC...$400.00. That is a LOT of money for a camera bag...then I see it on at the same amount. shit. But..on Amazon .Com there it is for $250.00 if I use my Amazon Rewards card. Well, free shipping to a US address. Have I mentioned my good friend Raye in Seattle....hello Raye. I'll swing by and grab it on the way to SeaTac.

Got the tourist guide from Mississippi Bureau of Tourism too. Lots of good the Blues Trail...

Experience the Blues where they were born.

Welcome to the Mississippi Blues Trail,

your unforgettable journey into the land that spawned the single most important root source of modern popular music. Whether you're a die-hard blues fan or a casual traveller in search of an interesting trip, you'll find facts you didn't know, places you've never seen, and you'll gain a new appreciation for the area that gave birth to the blues.

The Mississippi Blues Trail is an ongoing project of the Mississippi Blues Commission. Funding for this project has been made possible by grants from the National 

But...this ain't where we are gonna be....

We are heading for Cajun Country and the Gulf. I had posted a request for info on the RV website and got some good food places to check on and a guy has suggested that if the crawdads are running, we should come by his home in Baton Rouge for a boil. oh yeahhhhh

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