Sunday, 8 December 2013

Santa's big weekend in Kitimat

Ah haaaa....the weekend of the Rio-Tinto (Alcan) childrens Crhristmas parties. Due to the shift works schedule, they do four separate parties. Two on Saturday nd two on Sunday. A BIG deal...they bring up some 'talent' from Vancouver. This year is a guy that does Charlie Chaplin. This is my third year presenting Santa. Sharon came with me and took some video. The lighting was really low or else really bright, so...hey, it is better than I could do, eh.....

Can't show any of the children's faces. Too bad... but we all understand, right? 

When I left last day..the kids that rode my bus from the Catholic School gave me a couple of mementos. I kept those and now, when Santa hits the stage, he has his Barbie doll with him. Those in the know...know.

I was feigning impatience with the process of getting kids to Santa.

Are we bored or what....

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