Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Garbage dumping assholes and fools

One and the same I guess. On our way to Prince Rupert, Ingo was out scouring areas for garbage. He likes to try and do his part to leave an area cleaner than it was when he arrived.

 This pretty spot....

Someone had dumped about 40? lbs of fish product. Bags of salmon and halibut.

The gringo fools that were up at Exstew left their calling cards too....except they weren't 'gringo's....

Kids birthday balloon and a bag with a dirty diaper...

 Bottles, bags, cans..all the usual shit. And really, I'd so like to be able to ask...why do you do that?  right before I kicked their asses. And as I typed that, I recalled that there was probably a hundred empty shot-gun shells strewn around the camping area too. meh....I give up.

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