Monday, 18 November 2013

And then it snowed


And then the snow hit....we had hoped to get away for another weekend but it looks likely that the Rv will just have to get winterized and put away. rats. We could go, but the weather will warm up and then it all gets sooo slushy. 

And now I am going to go that 4 days I have lost 6 balls and a couple other throw type toys.  Maya is all gung-ho to chase and return..and then just..changes her mind. Goes and gets whatever I have thrown...gets it part way back...drops it in the snow..and walks back to me looking at me...'like, Dude...why didn't you toss it?' and it has dropped down into the snow...not to be seen for five months. 

We had a big fight in the front room the other night.

This is like sooo bad.....and I couldn't help but post it....fuk, I laughed.....

Day like today is custom made for making soup. Was out shopping and spied a nice looking smoked pork-hock. Have it in the pot, covered with water boiling away. Once the meat is falling off the bone, I'll take it out..and let the pot cool, skim off the fat and then later on I'll add some beans/barley and rice...some garlic and maybe some chicken broth. 

There isn't much better than homemade soup, eh..?


Now this guy did it right. Built his own RV and then had it shipped to Europe for a years traveling!!!!

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