Wednesday, 14 August 2013 warranty

Want to go nap of the Earth flying?

hold on to your tummy......

I have a Leatherman and one side of the tool 'deploy' handle has bitten the dust. Turns out, they offer a 25 year Warranty on their products. can ya go wrong with that? 


saw this on a feed I use...guy obviously has a hugely wonderful idea.


Packing the RV with the kayak and stuff...we going to meet my daughter Morgan, her husband Philip and their two kids for a 3 day camping adventure. They have a five hour drive to Green Lake and we have a 1.5 day drive. After that..maybe a drive to Bella Coola...kind of weather dependent.

Photo: We're taking off agin.....going to meet up with Morgan, Philip and the kids at Greenlake for a three day camping extravaganza. Food list is short...cookies and marshmallows.

okayyyyy...lets go flying....

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