Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Small town Saturday

Buddy  Ingo in Smithers, a 3 hour drive away,and his wife Jean were doing Parade Judging this weekend and I figured I had best make sure they weren't accepting any bribes.

Just getting to Smithers on time required a revisit to my work years...getting up at 5:30 am.

Then I had to stop and take pictures as Sealy Lake, just west of New Hazelton. It is the prettiest spot but man...they bugs are wicked.

When I was down at the lake...this dude had gone in for a bath/swim....

Small town parades.....took about 8.5 minutes for the whole thing.....


These folks should have gotten cutest


                                She got best in the Ped Crossing category

We had supper at a food truck in Telkwa...right on the banks of the Telkwa River

...and it was sooo hot....they had strung one of those spray hoses along the path so people could get some relief.

And of course...the boys jumping off the bridge..

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