Friday, 9 August 2013

I love live streaming stuff

At 7 am...the roofers arrive for their second day of replacing the shingles. SEVEN o'clock in the morning....c'monnn guys.....I don't get up before 8 anymore. Sharon's pissy...the dog is cowering under the blankets....cats have run off again.

Progress is never without some inconvenience, eh......we are going to have a large skylight put over the bathroom,too. One that is waaaay too big for the winters/snow we get, at least according to some, but....the light will be great after we re-do the bathroom.

Every so often I come across something that just blows me away. This is one of those things.

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LIVE - You are watching live video from the Northeast U.S. Canyons Expedition 2013. Click to learn more.

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Troubleshooting the Audio and Video Feeds

Note regarding audio: Live video is streaming off the ship with audio from the ROV pilots and audio from the ship-to-shore science conversation. To hear more or less of one of these conversations, adjust the audio settings on your computer to shift the balance right or left, for more science and less pilots or vice versa. On a PC, you can do this through the "speaker/headphones" properties, which can be accessed by clicking on the speaker icon (next to the the clock) and then clicking on the "Levels" tab or by going to your Control Panel, selecting "Hardware and Sound," and selecting "Sound." On a Mac, select System Preferences, Sound, and Output.

You may need to download the Flash browser plugin External Link to view the video feed. If this stream does not play, please try the following temporary fix:

1. Right-click on the player window and select "Settings"
2. Select the TV icon at the lower left of the settings menu.
3. Uncheck the "Enable Hardware acceleration" checkbox
4. Refresh the page.

What Are You Seeing?

You are watching Stream 1 broadcast from the Okeanos Explorer from July 8 to August 17 as a team of scientists and technicians both at sea and on shore conduct exploratory investigations on the diversity and distribution of deep-sea habitats and marine life along the Northeast U.S. Canyons and at Mytilus Seamount. What is being shown on the video stream may change depending on the exploration and operations at hand; check the table below for information about the current display and/or the status updates above for information about operations.

View from the Starboard ROBO Camera.
View from the Port ROBO Camera.
Camera view from the NOAA ROV.
Camera view from the Seirios Camera Sled.
Starboard ROBO Camera.

Port ROBO Camera.

Camera view from the Deep Discoverer ROV.

Camera view from the Seirios Camera Sled.
View from the Multibeam Acquisition Computer Screen.
View from the Multibeam Acquisition Computer Screen.
View from the Control Room Camera.
View from the Dry Lab Camera.
Multibeam Acquisition Computer Screen.

Quad view from Okeanos Explorer.

Control Room Camera.

Dry Lab Camera.
Use of the live streams is an important component of the Okeanos Explorer’s mission. Depending on the exploration and operations at hand, content and availability of the video feeds will change. Tune in often to catch all the action aboard America's Ship for Ocean Exploration! All video courtesy of NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program.
All views and opinions expressed in this video feed are those of the speaker and are not attributable to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or other federal agency. 

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