Saturday, 6 July 2013

RV woes, tomatos and hiking sticks

This is one of my all time fave songs.

Home again jigedy jig....and some RV woes. One is easy...those nice tags that are on WARN 4x4 manual hubs aren't permanently attached, much to my surprise. Sticky tape....and one of mine let go and went by by. An E mail to WARN customer service has set on the way to me, so yay WARN.


 On to my next woe....On my 24`Triple E Regency RV, I have had a very springy, bouncy not good feeling on my steps. In fact, I had a guy do some welding while in the Shuswap a couple years ago and that brought some relief...but short term, as it turned out. This past trip it has gotten increasingly springy/bendy, so when I got home I invited over the gang of 3 retired do-nuthings that I call neighbors and between the 3 they have skills...mostly of observation. I hadn't been able to see that actual damage until I had my head crammed to the right spot and a finger pointed to the right place....oh shit.

 see that tear up there? And split seams.

It is behind and above this bit of farmer work.....I had thought that this was okay, but it was just bolstering not fixing.



 This is from under the bracket that the steps mount to. They are two distinct units..the mounting bracket and the stairs.

This Triple E Rv, being from one of Canada's premier, if not THE number one, producer of quality RV's, is now experiencing some wear problems. Not unexpected, not unwarranted by a long shot. What IS unexpected is the really bad response from the manufacturer when all I was asking was..."how to do I take the box out"...nothing. Nada. Zilch. true.I did get a response from the 'help' desk and was given the name of the Service Advisor that was going to be in touch with me. That was three days ago. Why do they have to do that not just say`sorry, you are on your own`. Instead, I am sitting, waiting..hoping even, for a well worded and helpful text that tells me how to removed the steel box. it is at Sunset Rv in Terrace. Maurice is a marvel and says he can fix it.
There are several is the wood paneling that is on the inside of the box.The other is the foam insulation that surrounds the exterior. Guy that I know that knows welding says that that is serious shit. If it catches fire, water won`t stop it. I sure hope Maurice has good insurance. golly, I am gonna have a crop!

Already have some cherry ones.....

13 really well hung..(can I say that about tomato plants?) that are all at various stages.Some have lots of blossoms and some none yet, but all are really healthy looking.

I was asked where I find Diamond Willow. I have found it the damndest places. Bellingham Washington, the hospital. Lots of it along highway 16 and Manning Park.

 This is the one that I was cutting..that has that major knob but after removing the bark, not so very special.

This one tho has lots of great stuff on the entire length of the stick.I'll spend maybe 15 hours on this one. I have to dig and worry away at the whole of it, using knives, screwdrivers, Dremel drills and grinders, hand sand it, and then Varathane at least 3 times.

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