Friday, 12 July 2013

Martini's and Randy Bachman of BTO

One of my currant fave's...problem is, you hear it once and it's in your hade for a

A nice shot from the Kitimat view point....

That's the Douglas Channel there in the background. About to be plied by up to 5 deep-sea vessels a day..LNG and oil tankers. oh yaayyyyy.....

I enjoy a love-hate relationship with a food joint here in town.The Hirsch Creek Gold and Country Club...Bar and Grill. I have barked about them before and will share with you the newest twist. Or perhaps I already have..? never mind....Martini's..I enjoy them. If I were a business person I'd have two everyday with my lunch. However....that not being the case, currently I instead have two with my weekly visit to the Bar and Grill for Wing Wednesday. 

This is my choice....except I do the vodka.

A couple good one's..then we get very creative...and even better looking!

A couple years ago it was no olives. No olives for three weeks, till I brought my own. This past spring it was no Vermouth. Till, after 3 weeks, I brought my own. Now they have it. I really do wonder, you know...what it is about people that manage these places.

I know why it's like that here...they are fucking incompetent. They are all 'from' here..born here, have family's an inbred disaster everywhere you go. Doctors office, dentist, pharmacy, liquor store, hardware, gas, makes no never mind, they are all staffed by people that are from here, so they have no, none, zero, acquired and taught skills. And they all know you....know all about you. What pills, what drinks, what food. fecccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk.........

Never mind tomato plants are coming along famously.

I have now graduated to a 'tomato food'...and this morning I mixed some fish fertilizer in with know guys...more is better.

There's a program on CBC,Vinyl Tap...hosted by Randy Bachman. Man was part of BTO...back in the day...but his Saturday night program is great. Lots of cool music and reminisces.

This is an interview with him....

And now we gotta play some.....

This is definately different.....but watch the whole thing.  Burton Cummings is doing the singing.

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