Friday, 28 June 2013

mosquitos and a marmot

And this is all the pix I have for the past couple days. Been raining and just not inspiring at all, at all.

I saw him in Princeton, I left Burnaby/Vancouver on Wednesday.meandered along and just enjoying the drive. ok o..the Marmot...I  was huddled down stealing wif and waiting for my bud Leroy to get home. Typical former city worker...says home at 2 and shows up about 5 with a l-o-n-g fucking tale of woe about how this shorted and that flatted.... my God, does one get thru the day? Never mind tho..we had a great supper and come morning he went back to his job-site..for a retired guy that reads all rong...and Maya and I hit the road.

Stopped in one of BC's best fruit places..Keremeos...cherries are on the sales table!!   Made breakfast and the usual, as I make my way along to see buddy in Kelowna later today.

oh oh..I read about a cool trick...if you have mosquitoes in your'd work in a tent to, but you need the equipment....turn your ceiling exhaust fan on high..and open a window or air vent at the furthest point you can from the fan. Give it 10 or 15 minutes and the wind current will have taken the bugs to the fan screen..then you wipe that down with some tissue..and hey presto...bugs be gone....I have done it two nights and yep...4 star winner!

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