Friday, 7 June 2013

Gordon Lighfoot..."if you could read my mind"

You know how when you have a view of someone you have never met, but they have woven a spell..a picture..a history, in your mind?

For me, Gordon Lightfoot would be in that category. Man..I remember listening to his stuff as I drove thru a rainy night, as a kid...running....or when I lived in a boarding house and one of the other guys played his guitar and wept for the woman he so loved and she wouldn't move to where he, then today I watch/listen to an interview that he did on CBC's Q, and I am crestfallen. He wasn't the character that I had created, at all. He wrote and sang the songs...but...not like I heard. No pain. No lost soul. fuck.

Lightfoot's best...for me,anyway....until today, that is.

Let's start again.....

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