Friday, 31 May 2013

Facing a dragon


Relay For Life...*sigh*....for whatever reasons I have avoided this. Suzie died from cancer and I just haven't been able to participate. I have often avoided even driving past the event, here in Kitimat. Funny all of that. This year, Sharon and her pal are doing a food thing on-scene and when asked to help, I just said no. I have decided that this is just not, tomorrow, I'll be facing down this particular dragon.

 This feakin dog.....curled up in the couch, on a pillow.

Buddy was yowling at her.....

If you like jazz and the blues....turn up the volume tho....

I have fallen into the clutches of the Kindle life. As much and as hard as I fought it.....surrendered. When we were out camping two weeks ago Sharon read, using her Kindle incessantly. In bed..with the aid of the built in light, for Gods the fire at night..and during the day too.

I love reading..always have..and I have a whole raft of books in the RV..I am often have two books on the go at any one time. I am in the Kindle life.

Yeah yeah...the's the one with the backlite.  And now I have to go and buy books..I just downloaded Tom Sawyer by mark Twain...and will get two more of my all time faves. 'Desert Solitaire' by Edward Abbey and 'On The Road' by Jack Keroac. I have to pay for these selections, although there is a Tom Sawyer for free..yes, I did..and there are a bunch of free books to be had, but so many are junk. Like the cookbooks...mostly weight watcher/gluten-free/vegan stuff that I am not into.

Says one can also download PDF want to see if I can do maps. That'd be neat..have my maps on the reader.

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