Thursday, 30 May 2013

Are you are a bird person?


I was listening to CBC and they were telling a story from Ontario, about ducklings getting washed into a sewer...and because people were yelling into the hole..they were not popping out. Guy uses his iphone to check for apps...turns out there is a bird call app....a bunch of them, in the this case, Mallard mom calling her kids might find that to be an interesting app to try out...see what other calls there are...get them into your yard....or oven... worked...ducklings popped out...reunited later in the day with mom and other birdlings.

Bird Calls : 2000+ Bird Sounds, Bird Songs & Guide - Free




Cool shot eh....

I got to doing some smoked salmon over the past couple days. Before smoking, I put on a powder of finely ground black pepper and brown demera sugar that I did up together in my spice grinder. Then bagged it all in the Food Saver and froze it. All except a couple chunks that are in the fridge awaiting the right moment.






Most any ball will do.....

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