Monday, 13 May 2013

Mothers Day

Mothers Day...

Started out with surpise visit from Jean and Ingo...they had driven out from Smithers the day before, over-nighted in Terrace and took us out for lunch at thwegolf course.

Sharon has pet project...ensure that all of the places that sell plants in the spring receive substantial grants....hundreds of dollars in grants. We loaded up on Friday and then it began to rain...and rain hard. We left them in the car for 24 hours..then put them on a table outside for another day, hoping that maybe just maybe Sunday afternoon would prove to be a better...nope.

Oh well...that awning on an RV has to have some use.....


Herbs in that tower....the tomatoes and herbs are my contribution. I just figure if you can't eat the stuff, why plant it.

One wet momma....but then I can legitimately say..."hey, we need to shower to warm up"...worked like a charm.

Maya videos....

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