Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Long weekend plans & Sears


 Long weekend coming on......and our plan of heading up to Kitsault have been dealt a blow...there is a gate that controls access and for another 2 or 3 weeks..that is still closed and locked. I am told it's due to the road condition and snow accumulation. what? I saw a note about a benefit in Hazelton, at the Ksan grounds and it sounds like a good place to weather continues to be miserable. No one one wants to sit by a lake in a downpour, right?

And as of this morning, the weather website  suggests sun in the area...ok...we go der!

Rock the North - Benefit Jam

WHERE: @ the Ksan Campground in Hazelton BC, May 18 & 19, 2013
WHAT: Come join us on this May long weekend for our first annual Rock the North Benefit Jam.
THIS IS A 100% VOLUNTEER DRIVEN EVENT. This event was created to raise awareness and much needed financial support to Health and Wellness and Environmental Causes.
Each year a the Health and Wellness portion will go to Pancreatic Cancer Canada for research, and to the Hazelton Salvation Army Food Bank. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the least funded in cancer research, and yet it is one of the most lethal.
This year the environmental portion will go to the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition for their endless dedication and devotion to saving the Sacred Headwaters.

One of my all time favorite video's.

Steven Sills singing it live. Get the background to the song......

I was making lasagna the other day and was at the store to get some ground pork to add to the beef. Saw some pork trimmings and recalled that I have a grinder.

I love playing with food. I do a mean meat stuffing in my Christmas's been a while since I have done that, but maybe next time I do one, I'll make that.


My skills as a political pollster have once again been shown to be questionable. The BC Liberal party won another election yesterday, earning themselves another majority government. Going into the election I figured they were toast. 
Just shows to go ya......

A be fair....

I can now say that the issue has been properly attended to and resolved. Through Facebook, of all things. There is a FB well as US, but I am dealing with, I put out my experience to date, and my request to be contacted....and lo and behold, again.....I got a call from one of the names on the FB page and the problem has been dealt with.

I would encourage anyone with a Sears go through the stupid/horrible/nonsensical/exasperation experience of trying to get a Sears rep to listen and deal with the problem. That way, a person can legitimately claim to have exhausted all other means and avenues offered by Sears, and now am turning to Facebook and it's oh so very public face.

I dislike corporations that work like that. So..doing my bit to help them see a better way.....

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