Thursday, 18 April 2013

Stuart McLean on the CBC

Ever heard of Stuart McLean on CBC? Vinyl Cafe series....I heard the funniest damed thing last Saturday...feller named Dave Hemstad on the program Laughing Out Loud did three monologues...the middle one being on Stuart McLean. I damned near peed myself....but you have to be familiar with McLean to get the funneee.

 If this link doesn't work....

  Download Dave Hemstad on Stuart McLean and Pie for your laugh out loud April 13, 2013

Go here and currently, it's the first one in line.

Blooody dog has taken over my life. I mean...look at her, for goodness sake.  One of the things about having a dog, and I had given this much thought prior, is that I now get out walking twice a day. I really needed to address this...I do not like gyms nor swimming and my level of physical well being has dropped.

Buddy is taking a wait and see position on the dog....

I came across this video of Mark Knopfler, live. And it's very diferenrt from any of his that I have seen, up till now. It is a great hour to spend...listening to this. I'd say, bookmark it..wait till late one night or a crappy wet afternoon...turn off all the phones and shit, pour a glass of your favorite and sit back...float off.

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