Wednesday, 17 April 2013

'Lucky' is a word....

It was noted by an Anon comment about how I had hit the jackpot and how lucky I am. And all that it true...but...there is always the back story. The path that took me from where I was, 25? years ago, to this here and now.

And Sharon's path too...from what she was experiencing and where she is now.

And is the story that so many people live. Lots of people live lives that they'd change, if they could. 'Change' is a word full of minefields, eh? What seems to straight-forward and if not easy, then manageable and doable...becomes a quagmire that can suck a person down and under and bring that person down to a bad bad place. People are inherently strong enough, but with the pressures of family, financial stuff, jobs, peers....we get so bogged down, it becomes almost impossible to find our way to a good place.

I used to claim that all I had to do was want that change badly enough, and it would happen. All I had to do was take that step. hhmmmm..and that is true, reading it back, but to actually DO it...and before it get's better, it's going to get bad. The sheer cost of making changes to my life was incalculable. Emotional. Physiological. Dollars. And you get no help from anyone. You get 'words' from people but mostly, they just want the power that your tale gives them. And..people don't like it when you step away from their agenda and begin to follow your own. They are to them..and they to you.

All of what I just typed, I believe is correct. True. However..I also have a belief.."that things are just as they are meant to be". And, if that be so..then everything that you..and I, experience in our lives, is a prelude to what comes next. It is unfolding as it should. Which is very cool and wonderful when we are holding the winning Lotto ticket...not so cool and wonderful when we all of a sudden we are without our foundations. Home. Family. Friends.

Not everyone can do what some other does. That doesn't make them weak or that they have given up. It makes them human. Some people just cannot quit smoking. Or whatever it is that they do, that they'd stop, in a heartbeat, if they could. Something keeps them, in that place. And they are to be loved and rewarded for being alive and, hopefully, at peace with their choices. And, they can always make another attempt to 'quit smoking', next time.

What I have typed..are my words, but not just my life. We all face shit and we all have to deal with it as best we can. Sharon has had her share of demons and crap, and still has to live some if it. People in her life that lie and deny her access to a part of her life that she will never give up. Stupid people.

We are indeed, very lucky people. We do lots of neat stuff and are able to enjoy what is arguably, they best years of our lives.

 Oh..and check THIS out......

And then we have the fuckheads who tried to steal my Suzuki while I was away. Attempted to hot-wire it...rolled it out into the middle of the the wee hours of the night. I am....ahem....'fixing' it. Which is a scary, stubborn, not filled with a high likelihood of success project!

And we have Mia....geeeez.....

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