Saturday, 16 February 2013

meteor hit and miss.....

There you are...having your morning coffee and.......

Holy shit...can you imagine that

Here is a video of the expected asteroid.....lots of interesting bits in this.

and then the question that had me bugged all day.

Why didn't we see the Russian meteor coming? I snagged this from an on-line news feed.

Only one space rock that impacted the planet has ever been observed before it hit the Earth, Campbell-Brown said. That's because objects that do hit the Earth tend to be smaller, and it's too hard to see them. The one sighting before impact happened in 2008, a day before a meteor exploded over Sudan. Current estimates suggest that the Russian meteor was about 15 meters (49 feet) across, which is too small for telescopic surveys. "Unfortunately the objects of this size have to be very close to Earth for us to be able to see them at all," Campbell-Brown said.
The asteroid that approached Earth today, which NASA has been tracking, is about 45 meters long, which is relatively small for an asteroid.

Was a day for space stuff eh....

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