Thursday, 13 December 2012

Off to Vancouver Island

I went over to Vancouver Island for a couple of days, coming back last night. Spent Tuesday in Victoria and just kind of wandered about.

Victoria is about the water....there is a large Navy yard and lots cool looking botas in the inner harbour. The weather was sucky, so I was not getting what I was hoping for, at all.


 Found a very groovy place to have some lunch..the Sitka....   a family owned store..with stores in some pretty cool places. They have mixed good grub with skater/surfer clothes and so on. Cool shops and neat people in there.


 So..they have this out of sight, wonderful salsa...and gave me the reciepe...

From the Sitka in Victoria

Fresh apple salsa..and sometimes with pear.

4 cups finely sliced apple.
1 cup chopped cilantro
1/2 cup finely diced red onion
4tbsp olive oil
2 1/4 cups fine diced cucumber
2 cups fine diced tomato
1 tsp fresh pressed garlic
80 mls of alime juice
2 tbsp siracha..this is a hot sauce you will find at most stores.
1 tbsp jalapeno pepper

The key to this is as finely chopped/diced as possible.

Add the lime, garlic and peppers together first, then toss into the diced ingredients.

And..having had two lattes, and some water...I am walking around, realize I should have peed before leaving the lunch place and am beginning to feel...urgent. And I walk past this metal thing on the sidewalk and have to stop..back up...OH YEAH..its a sidewalk bathroom! Like..right on, Victoria!!!

Just driving around Beacon Hill Park

This would be a private home.....

 Yesterday Sharons brother and I drove up to Nanaimo and had lunch at the Longwood Brew Pub....

The important part of the building

Then, just driving around and stopping at a couple of the veggie places....

And at the Goldstream Provincial Park Falls....only accessible from southbound, too. The highway is divided and dangerous for pedestrians.

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