Sunday, 4 November 2012

Voting..or not....

Election day in the United States approaches.

Man oh man, but I am going to be happy when it's done. I don't like politics and don't like politicians. I don't trust them lying bastards. Not even a little.

If the people could actually force change..maybe that would convince me. You know..when a government sets out to do something underhanded? gets caught, but just carries on? Here in Canada, this coming week we seem to be about ready to sign trading agreement with Chine that they kept under wraps for years. The BC Government singed an agreement that allows China to import workers to their mining ventures. Oddly enough..the prerequisite is that they all speak Chinese.

In these and many other scenarios, the public is 'kept out of the loop', is faced with a 'fait acompli' and can do nothing about it. The governments just forge on ahead, secure in the knowledge that they are UN-stoppable.

Politicians lie, steal, cheat...and do it with impunity. The only thing I can do is to not be part of giving them the keys. I don't vote. Haven't for years. And when someone says that then I give up right to complain? the hell I do...the taxes I pay gives me every right to bitch and complain.

I sure don't advocate not voting...but when a government tells me how wonderful it is that we all vote...then I have to look under my show to see what is that I smell.

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