Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Emergncy prepardness kits...#2

This is the second Blog entry on Emergency prepardness

On of the things I did find, while involved with the planning group, was that once I saw how that was being dealt with in-house, I went outside and found a community of Emergency Preparedness people that were so prepared to share their knowledge..gained from other jurisdictions that had hands-on, in-your-face experience. The earthquake prone cities in California is one of the primary sources for sources, because here in BC, we too, are in that fault rich category.

However...a natural disaster, no matter what kind, has the same impact on inhabitants. Once the actual event has ended, the drive to survive begins.

DO NOT wait around waiting to be found and or rescued. That is valuable time that can be put to good use. If the cavalry shows up in an hour, great. If they don't get to you for a want to be alive when that happens. lets run a scenario....major to buildings.

Put this in your head....DO NOT PANIC. THINK. Don't look around wondering where the kids are, partner is..stop and think. THINK. THINK the next move through.

If you have planned for this...then everyone has a role to play. Kids have a plan.  They stay at the school if it's a school day. Not in school? They have planned for this..they go to ______'s house and STAY THERE. Even if no-one else is there...STAY THERE. You know where to go get them. They know you are coming to get them.

You may not have use of a vehicle now...trees down..wires down..and if you use up all your fuel, you might not be able to get more. No power, no gas pumps. You have a bike, right? Get the bike.

1.5 hours after the event...something will happen and that something can bring death in a hurry. People will have to go to the bathroom. And not to pee. Get ready...dig a hole and line it with plastic and have some lime from the garden store to put in there. Have a bunch of wipes. The germs from excrement will spread and take a devastating toll.

Don't turn off the gas to your home unless there is an obvious leak.  You need that fuel.Gather the and arguing. Everyone will want to go off in different directions. Get control of this.
Planning is everything. Keep it really really simple.

Another thing...have an outside contact. Ask someone if they will be that contact. Everyone has to know who that is. Write their name and number in numerous places. Lunch boxes, wallets, at home. As soon as possible, reach out to them.
They will provide link-up info. People might be away....we need to be able to connect.

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