Monday, 15 October 2012

A Dash 8 and a burger....

We came home yesterday..a long delay filled day.  We were to be out of San Diego at noon, but the Air Canada aircraft coming down went mechanical...that is a highly technical term for something quit working. They returned to Vancouver for a plane change. So...a three hour deeelay, which meant that our connecting flight in Vancouver for Terrace  at 4:30 was missed. That meant we had a grand opportunity...White Spot has an airport outlet...and if you are from the lower mainland, read Vancouver, you know your White Spot food. The nearest store to us is eight hours away in Prince George.

Started by Nat Bailey, it was the place to eat for many.

White Spot Nat Bailey

It had the traditional the window, drive-in style and also sit-down places.

At YVR, we were more than happy to spend an hour at White Spot..great burgers and a beer to wash it down. And..Air Canada had given us meal vouchers due to the mechanical fault.

Then we have another deeelay....*sigh sigh sigh*....finally get going at 8:45pm on a Dash 8, with the proviso that we may not get into Terrace...huge windstorm is blowing. great.

But...we make it down, slicker 'n slick....

What a great trip we had, eh.........

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