Monday, 22 October 2012

Twin Falls BC and Highway 16..fall colours

I was in Smithers on the weekend, attending a Celebration of Life, with my friends Ingo and Jean Overman and their family. Ingo's mother has recently passed away and this was their time.

Heading back on Sunday morning I took a small detour to Twin Falls.,-127.217774&spn=0.01389,0.042272

Not a very heavily visited spot at all and not a major hike or anything like that.Although I maybe could have worn something without crepe souls. It had snowed the day before and down to p.d.c. overnight..maybe minus 8, so...slip slidin away....had me clutching the cold snowy hand rails a couple of times.


This view... back down the trail is looking north across the Bulkley Valley.

Just the crik...doing my b/w and colour pix


Crusing by Moricetown. I had a hitchiker with me..a guy I had pickd up just outsdoe fo Smithrs and on his way to Prince Rupert with his backpack.  A Marine Engineer from Holland.


The Skeena River, just about 30ks' east of Terrace.

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