Friday, 5 October 2012

San Fransisco is for walking

Take a girl on a vacation and she still wants to sell houses...

The area we have been staying in, Bernal Heights,  is just above 'the Mission District and by walking, we are
immersed as it shifts, one to the next. This mural on a building is on Caesar Chavez Ave.

Just walking along and ended up talking to a whacked out gal...has been reno'ing her home for a year and a half...lost her last two relationships over it..and dragged us in to look...and really? this is the best part...the murals on her stairway.

Sirron Norris is THE mural painter in san Fransisco....he did the lady's stairwell and did a large number of these murals in Balmy Alley.

I dunno...I liked the three doors....

A really nice shop on Valencia..kind of antuigy, place.

You know it's gotta be good, right?

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