Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Prince Rupert via the Exstew River Valley


Smoked some fish the other day....and yes, as good to eat as they look!

 Finished smoking and just cooling                            .                   What the smoker looks like with
prior to being bagged in the Food Savers.                                            two fish, filleted and sectioned.

We took a drive out to Prince Rupert on Sunday..had Sharon's mum with us, so we ran her into the Exstew River Rec Site.

Breakers Pub in Prince Rupert used to be on of the best places to eat...best in Rupert, for sure, but one of the best anywhere. Note I say..used to be..not any more. We waited forty minutes for our lunch order of two soups, one halibut/chips and a cheese sandwich. I asked our server about the wait...she asked the kitchen staff..and they sent her packing...she was crying at our table, trying to explain it all.

Rose always enjoys her outings anyway.

These folks had been fishing..returned and were cleaning their catch..and feeding on of the four lurking harbour seals.

I am sure that this is bad bad bad...but who can resisit....

When we got home....Sharon was asking what plans I had for the next day...."none"....oh, she says...I have one for you.....

A birthday present....

The top is so large and heavy...it can't be assembled by one person. They recommend 3...we did it with the two of us.


One thing about the package designers....it's all accounted for.


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