Thursday, 20 September 2012

Happy Birthday Gary Haupt's my birthday today....62. I really didn't think that I would still be alive. Dad died from MS, mom with cancer, and I just figured I'd catch some damned thing or my liver would fail, or an accident while driving. Apparently, I am not done quite yet.

A wonderful woman, Sharon Nichols, in Kitimat....she and I have been having a time of it. She is absolutely fabulous...and has encouraged me to go off and do what I like to do, which for me, is the most meaningful thing, ever. We have been to New York and Las Vegas and New Orleans...lots of places in Arizona and Nevada...the Mojave Desert National Preserve, Edmonton to see sister JudyLynn...and up coming, a trip to San Fransisco and  driving a Mustang ragtop down the coast to San Diego......I'd have to is good.

The Cuisinart SS bbq.....geeez, what a beaut!!

But, before it looked all done and ready to go...I discovered I had put the base backasswards....the sides are just sheet aluminum and way to flimsy to just try and support the weight of this SS brute while I turn the base...what to do, what to do.....I created a sling with those ratchety load things? Got it support4d...undon and reset in about 15 minutes...

Had to try it out, eh......


  1. Ohhh .. fancy ,fancy :)
    The chicken looks delicious!


  2. I knoooooowwww.....only took me most of three days to assemble it.

    C'mon up next year, Karen/Tony...make ya supper.