Monday, 20 August 2012

First nations wedding headdress

And off I go...northward to the Yukon. My friends Ingo and Jean came to Kitwanga for a coffee meet at Mindy's. The same place that Sharon and I had been in search of a geocache!


                              this would be Mindy

Mindy has a heart of gold and one of the things that she does is allow local folks to display their art for sale. One of the local ladies had put this wonderful wedding headdress up for sale...cedar head piece, that sits on the wearers forehead. There is a cloth cap you cannot see...and there are two white pelts flowing over the shoulders and down the back..paws and tail....white fox? The head piece itself has 7 'arms'..each of them has an inset piece of abalone and a tuft of deer hair at the very tip of each 'arm'. The front of the jacket has two abalone pieces..sort of fan shaped, about the size of a broach. There is another abalone piece on the back, at the nape where the two pelts meet.

Jean, Ingo and Mindy

An annual visitor to the area...from the Sunshine Coast actually, but every year, picking mushrooms and hangin out.

This is just south of Bell ll..I parked and did a Meditation..inside the truck. The biting flies were *shudder*..voracious.

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