Wednesday, 22 August 2012

An Award..I have inspired someone....

 Somehow I have received an Award....

 "You've been awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, given by fellow
bloggers to one of their own.  You can see the details in my post on
my blog:"


Now..isn't that cool!!!!

Just a picture from a bridge on Highway 3, north from Dease Lake to the Alaska Highway Junction.

This is Boya Lake..a much loved and bragged about Provincial Park in the north. I hadn't been, so to rectify that I stopped to make my breakfast. Coffee and my smoothy drink....and all of sudden the God-awful racket of a cheap generator starts up next door. I was standing at the lake shore just as the moment the owner of a fore-mentioned piece of crap stepped into his fish boat and set off....leaving the thing running.

Point the camera out the window and click a pic, just driving into Whitehorse.

My friends Steve and Sue Thomas moved north from Vancouver island.

We had super then went off for dessert...picking wild raspberries and eating...right there in the bush.

These are soap berry bushes and the bears are just in an eating frenzy right now.

The view from the front room in the house to be built next year.

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