Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Paddling and Bourbon......

For last years Christmas I had bought the Red Head a Grey Owl carbon fibre from Mountain Equipment Equipment, for her Dragon Boat paddling. It was only last week that she finally worked up the courage to have it cut. You buy the paddles within certain lengths, but each person has their own requirements, so we had to make the final adjustments.



We used a bandsaw to make the cut and imagine my surprise when I saw that the handle was 1/4 filled with residual material from the laying of the carbon fibre.

My first response was to call MEC..and I have to say, the person I talked to in the 'paddle' department knew nothing about this stuff. Which I don't mind at all...but they should just up-front say that, instead, she suggested I take it to a bike shop. Oh..okay..I'll take a paddle to a bike shop..and say what, exactly?

The next morning I called the MEC Service Centre,    www.mec.ca   and that was a much better experience. The guy taking the call knew no more than the person in the department, but he told me that at the outset. And really, all I wanted to know was...what now? he told me that MEC would replace the paddle, no problems. That was what I wanted.

Plus..I had E mailed Grey Owl in Ontario, with this pic of the shaft. They mailed back..send back the paddle with the required shaft measurement and they would take care of it. Cool! I ensured that end of season would be okay with them. And that's what we'll be doing.

This is a ladies team on Okanagan Lake.

So..Saturday morning we get a call from a guy that is offering some fresh halibut. Like...duuhhhhh.....we got 20lbs and Sharon cut them up into nice 2lb steak size. We bagged and tagged....

oh..right..and some crabs too...we had some people in for supper..ate a bunch..ate a bunch more the next day and shelled and bagged the rest.

In the getting ready for the fish...we found four sockeye in the bottom of the freezer...which cried out to be smoked....

I like playing with the flavours in smoking..I kinda figured that maybe some good'ol Jack Daniels might add a tetch of goodness....I started out dripping some onto a puck from my Bradely Smoker wood supply. Ultimately, I wasn't a big fan....didn't look like it was going to have an impact.

So..I fashioned a foil pouch, placed that over the heating element. Can't hurt nuttin, anyway!

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