Monday, 4 June 2012


We were at the Kispiox Rodeo on the weekend. A two day event that has an open camping area that is first come, grab a space..not a 'site'..just some space, and then hope to God that some party lovin fool and his entourage doesn't feel the need to park right beside you...or in front/behind/on top of.... We had the party fools close enough to hear yelling..."shit happens when you party, babe" and then the domestic next door. And the really loud generator too. The gennie issue was resolved when I recycled a sheet of plywood, dragged it over and asked if they minded if I set up a noise deflector. That was good move. The asking. The domestic pretty much ended when she told him to go away..only those weren't the words she used. He came back 3 hours later and attempted a reconciliation. "I'll be good babe" "was trying to behave". He slept outside the trailer, in a camp chair.

Was still there when we bailed at 8 am Sunday. Lots to be said for the clearance in the RV. There was quite the rolling hill situation to be conquered and I was wondering if I was going to be dragging, but...nope.

 Now..can you spell gong show?

 Getting water for the horses first thing Saurday morning, still in pj's too.

some clips I stitched together from the 'oh my God, that must have hurt file'...

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