Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Artitse' at work

We have a nice backyard with this lattice wall to break up the look of one of the decks. Got to thinking about pictures and have come up with a plan to print up some the pictures we have taken, laminate them and then hang them. The laminate won't enhance them any, but will give them a longer life than just putting them in a frame out in the rains.




So..I went looking and found focusbinding.com  A Canadian outfit in Ontario that handles the print trade...such as laminating machine. The price was kind of a funny thing..quoted on E Bay at 157, on their website at 195. I phoned them and they sold it to me for the E Bay price..so, can't beat that. It arrived quickly using Canada Post, at my request and now we shall get to verk....


If you were reading  the 'original' Blog, I had been looking after my sisters home in Edmonton back in March and had experienced cupboard failure. That was repaired using good ol BC farm boy ingenuity, that included the use of CDN Tire strap clamps.

Well, damned if our bed didn't suffer a similar failure. I figure it's a conspiracy. A Screw attaching the foot panel just pulled right out, and the whole shebang slid out of whack. Out came the jack to bring the panel back up into position, the a generous application of Gorilla Glue to that...and then a repeat of the adhesive to the fitting side of the panel and strap it all into place for 12 hours. Eventually it'll fail again and that will then mean an full tear apart.and this will be a weekend job, to dis-assemble, redrill/glue and then allow it to set up.

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