Tuesday, 17 April 2018

One week in London, England

My son-in-law goes over several times a year on business. I was told he was going in April and I asked...ok ok...pleaded...can I go too? 

 Love locks...even on The Tower Bridge...

 A marina at the foot of the Tower Bridge

                       Took a ferry ride to Greenwich 

 One of maybe 6 million pubs....

 Just look at this....is that not a juxtaposition of dynamic proportions?

 I ferried back..and on to Westminster...

 The 'Eye'....capsules that, for fifty bux each, you can ride around in.

                                         St James Park

 I had a mission while in London.....some 10? 12 years ago....I had squired a stash of a very special scotch. Five bottles of Cadenheads, not one of which had been opened. A true cunt that I had had a relationship with stole them. So....here I am in London, I says to meself.....and off I go to Cadenheads Scotch shop....

                  Two hundred dollars this was....fuck you, bitch.

 No automatic alt text available.

 One of the afternoons I wandered off to Spitalfields and Bricklane

Off to Borough Market

                                              I mean...really?

                              More juxtaposition stuff

 I bought a Tarragon/chicken pie....a handful of 'mash'...and gravy. No where to sit...so..standing and shoveling it all in, without wearing any of it!!!

                                       Aging cheeses.....

                                             HMS Belfast

I was sitting in a pub..of course...and a kid next to me had her bear.

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