Monday, 11 September 2017

Summer is done....let the party begin

Our evening skies for almost the whole summer.

Man oh man..such a summer we have had.  No rain for 67 days and then we got to last weekend..the 6th of September..the rains came for a bit, temps dropped..and hey presto all the smoke from the forst fires we have been breathing is gone. We had a tremndous Sunshine and Wine Loft season. It looked like it might be less so due to the high water the whole area had experienced May and August it was sorta back to normal. The people were back floating the channel and things settled in to a nice pace. Come mid-August there was a huge Triathlon type event that lasted ten days. Cycling, swimming, running, but it was a world class event with atheketes from all over thw world competing in staged events over the 10 days. Christ..there were people everywhere. 

We had even let our small downstairs bedroom to some. Tony, from Australia, was/is a cyclist and his squeeze Zoe from England, here to offer her guidance and support. She knew where to find thr parties. And then they decide to get our place, too! They told us on a Friday and the marriage was on the coming Monday. Well...what a great opportunity for a party! We did a bunch of food preperatons...ribs and roasts, salads and appies. A guy from across the steret agreed to come over and play/sing...and because this was all so un-expected, niether of them had family or close friends here so we Live streamed it on Facebook! Something lke 150 people got to watch and we didn't have to feed them. There were 14 folks here the was so wonderful.

The blow up Joey that Tony takes with him..eveywhere...


A floating gizmo out on the lake. 

 Kids came up and one of the days had them at a petting zoo that has kangaroos and Capybarra's. (no, that not it's tooth)

Forest fires and water bombers...I got some good shots the other day.

And now? We have our bags packed and are on our way to New York City for two weeks!

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