Thursday, 18 May 2017

Trump vs you, the people.

Huh....and now, finally, a Special Prosecutor is named, to investigate the US President, Donald Trump. It must be a had and bitter pill to swallow for many. Those that saw..and still see, in the man, a president for the times. Going to drain the swamp, he said. Did you really think he would do that? I mean, really? His trail of misery will long outlast his residency in the White House. It did do one thing tho, for opened the windows on the simmering hatred towards  non-whites. The vitriolic hatred of all things not white came as a shock to me..and to many in the US. That the feelings are so strong and common is a great concern..or it should be. The United States has the opportunity to be the great country you all want it to be. It wouldn't take much...start by embracing all of you...your Whites and Browns and Blacks and Asian. One big group hug. Seriously. You are indeed a powerful people..or could be, if you just saw your own shadow. The drive to segregate and punish people because they are not white is going to keep the US down. The righteous right and religious zealots are going to keep the US struggling when instead, you could be showing the world how to grow strong and powerful, into the free and fabulous country you really are. Or could be. 

I personally, take to joy or happiness in the downfall of Trump. In this investigation that will now spread to his family. It had to happen tho. He should never have been able to show-boat his way into the Oval Office. Now he has to be shown the door, like the rich trash that he is.

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