Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Washington..the coast, eh...part 1

The personal plan is to take my time...so, here are some houses in Hoquium. It's a pretty liitle plce and quite prosperous in appearances..unlike it's very hard looking neighbor Aberdeen. And that maybbe unfair, but Aberdeen has always struck me as a hard place to live.

And tugs..I just love working boats


This is as close to the beach as I had the courage to get to.

No..he's not stuck..just parked in a spot.

Downtown Pacific Beach....has the only state park in Washington that is right at the beach. It's a parking lot, but...at the beach.

Remember the movie with the small town radio studio for Wolfman Jack? I think it ws American Graffitti? Well, Pacific Beach has a working studio..in a 2nd hand store.


God I love Safeway....

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