Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ilwaco. on the Columbia River

The night ended with pretty nice moon coming up over the Willapa River.


The day began with a wonderful sunrise. If you are ever in the area..apart from Chesters for the oysters and beer...the Pioneer Food mart right across the street offers a parking lot for overnighting RV's..and has wifi too. My two primary goals, right and wifi. Although I had already arranged for my overnight spot..right behind  a Mexican restaurant...I would have been more than happy to use the Pioneer offering.

This trip is a bit if a change for me..usually I am kinda going somewhere or we have a push along thing going on...but this time, on my own...the dog doesn't get a vote...I am going down as many side roads as I can....and here we have the one to or from Bay Center.

I rolled on into Long Beach and parked down on the sand road for a bit...the weather began to turn and even the gulls were walking.

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So...what else could I do but carry on...Ilwaco is the next stop on the map. I used to overnight out on a grassy place opposite the marina but it is now look look....a 2nd hand store has a big gravel lot...hhmmm.. I went and looked about, chatted with the lady and asked if she would mind blah blah blah...nope, "you go right ahead". Plus, she had a tip for good sustenance...Salt. Down on the store front at the pier.

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Did my consumption and went off to the No Overnight parking area at the marina...walked Maya, made supper...hung out...


there was such a wind and rain storm that blew thru...I was parked in the lady's parking lot and man oh about 6:30 I was as awake as could be, so moved back over to the marina area. Dog wanted out and by the time she was done with ball fetching...both soaked. Nothin to up the furnace...only it wouldn't stay fired up. Burner would come on but not stay on. Fan worked like a I went out, opened up the cover(s) and could see lots of water under the motor. The wind had blown in soo much that it had soaked the thing. I kept turning off and finally dried itself out and went back to working. I had also called a mobile RV guy at 9, but he said...Tuesday...but, I did ask...what makes this happen? And of course it was a tune-up, etc..but he did say..maybe just humidity and moisture. Which was like an ahh haaa moment. I just kept on doing..and there it went. whew.

Then.....sitting at the outer edge of the marina, looking at the Columbia River and....sirens going off...a loudspeaker kicks in....something about EVACUTE EVACUATE....then the voice..."if this had been an actual warning it would be..blah blah blah"....geeezus...

Just be aware tho..September 28th...

Okay...this then follows..

My life is filled with the siren EVACUATE, just as that gets all wound up and my heart has returned to normal, a white pick-up begins to circle around the area..2-3 times..then pulls up beside me...lady asks if I am really from Canada..she had lived in Vanderhoof for years. Now she gets out of the truck and is standing in the rain...I said..."lady, come in out of the rain..." and she is heading round for the door...and I see there are heads in the back seat of the pick-up. I many are in there? I guess and tell them to come on in too....only they weren't kids..3 gals all gussied up....oh yes...Jeohava's Witnesses. hahahahaha....
 The lady in front? In the 50's and 60's..she was a for real rodeo rider. A for real rodeo rider...and they had an all Girls/Womens Rodeo in the PNW..."Fay Kirkwood, a female rodeo competitor from Texas, staged an all-girl exhibition in 1942 as a form of protest against male-dominated rodeos. That same year, women's barrel racing was introduced at Madison Square Garden's annual rodeo, and the event is now a staple at PRCA-sanctioned events. Barrel racing is the most popular women's rodeo event, pairing the fastest horses with the most skillful riders in a race against the clock. The Girls Rodeo Association was formed in 1948 after a rules dispute at an RAA event, and women were soon hosting their own rodeos all over the United States. The Girls Rodeo Association crafted rules and guidelines for nearly 10 women-only events that closely mimicked those of men's rodeos, giving competitors a sense of camaraderie and equality. The GRA transitioned into the Women's Professional Rodeo Association, with women competing in various disciplines to earn a championship. The WPRA World Finals is the largest women's-only rodeo in the entire world, with women competing in original WPRA events, barrel racing, bull riding, bareback riding, tie-down roping, breakaway roping, and team roping. Rules for both timed and rough stock events are similar to those held in male-dominated competitions, with rough stock and riders earning a score based on their skill and technique. Each event champion wins a saddle specifically designed for that event, a special reminder of the time and dedication each woman logs in the saddle to attain such an achievement. WPRA competitors enjoy very little downtime, with the next season starting mere weeks after the October finals. Those with a passion for the sport don't complain such, saddling their horses with a smile and continuing the tradition of women's professional rodeo with the ease and grace of seasoned competitors.


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