Saturday, 22 October 2016

East on the Columbia River, part 2

Rolling east along the Washington side of the Columbia..the colours are just wonderful. 

And then a rest area that gave a God DAMN beautiful look eastward.

And then a tow boat shows up...I mean perfect is that?

This is just another view from that same rest area. I changed lenses to the 100-400 and using that can then really compress the view. Like in the next two...there are four separate 'points'.

So... knucklehead discovers a hole in the's at least a 40 ft drop if not more...and no way back up. I holler..give her the information she is obviously lacking, and as soon as my attention was elsewhere...under the fence she goes. Man....

Back on her perch...pissed off....

Vineyards over the river..I mean really? how picturesque is that?

Mt Ranier in the background

A little town...Wishram....railway and Indian history.,_Washington 

Have you ever been to Stonehenge? The one in Washington? We parked and were on our way when Maya found a hole...rat or rabbit or gopher....either way...that was where she stayed for about 45 minutes.

'''Maya didn't care....

Also there is a local Memorial for those who have been killed in US forces battles.

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