Monday, 26 September 2016

Little Oroville...big times!

I have had my share of expenses this I cried about in last Blog. The last issue was the discovery that my three brand new RV batteries are probably toast. They got over-charged and boiled out once...and then partially a second time, before I finally realized what the problem was. Thought it was the converter...but was the solar controller. By the time I had figured it all out...I had ordered a new converter and although I could have just returned it, I figured what the hell..the RV is a '99 and it has been well, on the weekend, went down into Washington to the local Kenik parcel depot.....    and picked up my box. Tell you what...this is a good thing to have, if you are buying pretty much anything in the US, to bring into  Canada. You use the address for the nearest Kenik...after registering, of course, and when you walk in...they charge you 4 or 5 bux...and you sign off and away you go. You avoid the huge delays in it getting thru Customs and onto Canada Post or, if it is being sent UPS or FedEx...the HUGE charge for that. Of course, if you have been in the US for 48 hours, you probably pay no Duty and even if you haven't been in long enough to qualify...this weekend it was $170.00 and was waved on thru, no Duty. Thank you very much.

Progressive Dynamics 4135

Now it's a two week wait for the install.

So anyway...we went down to Oroville to pick it up and then off for a bit of a drive. Even before getting there...stopped to look at some gourds...

Allow me to re-phrase....I stopped the car...Sharon went looking....and we stopped on our way back and bought a box and now they reside on the front porch. 


Oroville just has some cool shit...and it is a hard place. Fallen on hard times..I guess the agriculture business isn't as strong as it was? Fruit was it's mainstay and it looks all pretty sacked out. But..old cars and trucks..some old buildings...all grist for my keen eye....

There is a hiking trail...the Similkameen River Trail  I guess it stops just short of the border. I think that walking that one day would be cool.

The sticks? are used to prop up fruit heavy branches. 


 And the Rancho Grande for supper. Mexican place and I see it has some poor reviews on Trip Advisor. I shall have to write a review and counter it...we enjoy it. Been twice...and this dude...Fredy...yes, one the manager and he was saying that as of Oct 1st? CDN money at par.

 What a ham...he was telling us all about the at par stuff and we were saying 'Oh good for you'...and says..."you may take my picture if you like"...if you read this and are thinking..."hmmm, I need to some good Mexican grub" you know where to go. There have a couple 3 in Tonasket and one in Chelan. 

Hey could go there for supper...take the wife, kids and  Anne and Ron.


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