Monday, 1 August 2016

Molson, Washington and some Jim Beam Maple

Long weekend in BC...BC, we took off for a couple days. Over the border...where we were turned back due to the fire wood I had. Fuck..I had forgotten all about that stuff. We zipped back...found a hidy hole...and damned if the wood wasn't still there 48 hours later. 

 Back across, did a bit of beer buying in Oroville and on to Molson. You may or may not have seen the Blog postings on Oroville back in in the fall? Molson was a mining town, back in the late 1800's. Still lots of ranching and farming. They have an open air 'yard' where the old iron is placed...and buildings all just open, inviting you to come look around. The locals..all 30 of them..are  just plain nice folk.   

So...Friday night we park by one of the two lakes.

Coffee is always first.

I have been maybe 1/2 dozen is quiet...and serene. I love wandering around the old iron.

We decided to nap after lunch......and I was  cleaning up. Turned around...

We drove off on the Nine Mile Road to explore..looking for a higher bit of ground. It was God-awful hot. So...we found ourselves just a great spot. I am pretty sure it was part of a private development...but no NO signs...the border patrol people scoped us out a bit. This is real close to the border so they have a heavy presence. Way high up on a bluff, over-looking a valley that rolled right down into Oroville. Really windy, which meant no bugs...and come nightfall? even had to put a blanket on the bed. Perfect.

On the shady side of the street...

Sun rise over Oroville and the Cascades

These two guys...right out of a movie...sitting in front of their busted up motel apartment in Oroville...

Stopping in Oroville on our way home...a store had a couple things I needed...first off a vent cap for the RV. I had knocked mine clear off....and the store was having a it for 5 bux! Then...looking in booze area? Bottles of Jim Beam Maple for 6.50.  Now..I have never had Jim Beam Maple...but have had lots of the Beam Honey. So...picked up two and oh God but that is good!

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