Monday, 22 August 2016

An Earthship, Pork Bbq, peaches..and pies

Is there anything better than a rockin band out on the grass/tree boulevard of a bar on a Saturday night? Oh hell no...there is not. Although it is sad how much better I think I dance after a bucket of wine. And dancing we were..out on the sidewalk at 11pm...and next morning I was wondering why my broken leg-foot was acting up.....

Kath and the Tom Kats

Peaches....want some peaches...we have,do we got peaches. We have frozen bbq'd, baked peaches...and after 3 weeks of harvesting...still have more..and all from one tree.

 I am the photographer of choice for Sharon's real estate efforts and this week she had a property to handle and of course, I was tasked to shoot it. One of the acreages has a partially constructed Earth-ship on it.

This is the view from the place...holy cripes....

 Beer/soda cans, tires and concrete constructed walls.

This is an outer-inner wall created to insulate against heat.

Did a pork bone-on roast on the bbq other night. Tell you what...that was some good!

Speaking of bbq...saw this pic from Louisiana during that terrible flooding.

Twin Lakes Gas and Grocery stop...Friday's they make over 50 pies.

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