Saturday, 25 June 2016

Red doors and a faux beam.....

With the house in Kitimat on the For Sale market and nothing selling, we declared the house as our secondary Residence. We leave it furnished, have the lawn cut when needed and so on. To meet the insurance company obligations one of us has to be there once every 60 days. I was first up...went a bit early but stuff going on in the time after. Went for 4 days in total...visiting around, drinking some beer..usual things. However, the things one notices when they haven`t been exposed to something for a bit...the lack of anything positive in Kitimat is quite overwhelming. There is nothing new in that, but I hadn`t really been away from it for a while...No one has anything good to say about anything. Hard to sit and be a part of a conversation like that. One keeps drawing comparisons..obviuosly for me, it`s Penticton. And it`s not like we don`t have homeless and drug/alchol troubles...thefts abound. But just to have a conversation in the's is entirely the opposite. The other thing too is that is so easy to just sit in a house, up north,  watch meals and before you know it...the day has passed...maybe went down to the Keg for beer....and there is a group of guys that that is what they do. I sort of fell into that while waiting out the two months before the  move down...only I saw it and let it happen because I knew it was not going to be my life. Scary.

Did get a nice picture out at the Village.

Now this is good singin.......

 Coming YVR waiting for an 11pm flight. I had Maya chasing a ball in the holding area and one of the ramp workers was I asked if I could take a shot from the 'other side' of the security doors. Kids and a charm.

 So...Sharon loves is red, car is red, bowls are red...and now so are the doors. We are going to add some shutters and red, to the loft window and that will set off the garage. Those aren't security bars....just some light material stuff instead of actual panes.

The loft..the about to be AirBnB room, I hope. It needed a ceiling fan to add the sexy look. The house has A/C but c'monnnn...right? A slow moving, large bladed fan....and to do this, I needed power and there is none in the ceiling. It is a vaulted attic...and no over-head light..thus, no power source. I could have just run some el'cheapo plastic channeling up the wall and across..but really? With the fan and a small fridge to chill the wine..and a Keurig coffee maker? And a Jacuzzi tub/shower...and a nice powder table? It's all about getting a good rate for the room.'s an 18ft span and to finish the faux beam off, I needed to nail on some 1/4 round. 16 ft lengths...two of them...was too  much whipping. Thank goodness for the extendable RV washing brush.

I just shot this...didn't have anything...a 12ft length of 2x6 cut into sections covering 18ft, and Brad nailed to the centre. 3 lengths of 1x6 trim..that fake wood material, that I now know is called MDF....they are 12ft each, so two full lengths and the 3rd cut to fit. I started out with a tube of caulking and gave that up...lots of warping in the ceiling so there were gaps...thus the 1/4 round...and went to Spackle. The hole is where the fan will go this week. It's in the centre of the room...11ft room  size, so 5.6 from the wall.

Sharon has been away the weekend...leaving me to do the work...I needed a reward yesterday. Took my growler down the one of the local craft places...

My bed partner....bed hog, is what she is.

Deer in the yard

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